Marta Gastini - Stanley Weber - Mark Ryder - Diarmuid Noyes - Art Malik & John Doman


Two Black Coffees happened by unique chance. I was lucky to be working on Borgia, a TV drama with an incredibly talented group, based in the magical Old Town of Prague. Eager to express our experiences living abroad, I wanted to film our collective take on classic film noir.

Borgia was an inspiration, learning about three-dimensional characters with real purpose. For this story, I wanted to write a love triangle with flawed characters, putting their desires ahead of anything else: a metaphor for cause and effect, in the most devastating way.

I was especially fortunate to have access to a stellar cast, who I’m even more lucky to call my friends! They were extremely supportive, and could see the concept; the city captivated us all. This film wouldn’t have happened if circumstances were any different, it was literally a dream come true!

The objective was to shoot a silent noir story: using the right elements of the location to create classic mood and tone with a mix of contemporary style, but still keeping it as genre as possible. The result is a short that’s not only mysterious, but a nonlinear modern throwback to a story that could be set in any time period.

I’m a sucker for genre-based films, I think its important we embrace them. Firstly, there’s not enough black and white films released nowadays! I loved the versions of Mad Max: Fury Road in ‘Black and Chrome’, and Logan: Noir. I’m glad to see the resurgence in monochromatic and arthouse styles, it’s in need of a comeback.

I had several influences for this film. The Third Man, elegantly shot, full of surprises, copacetic and enigmatic, has a lingering sense of dread. Coppola’s Tetro was another key reference, in terms of its slick style and deeply troubled characters. The disjointed narrative in Martha Marcy May Marlene had the audience constantly guessing. My aim was to apply and combine these elements to a femme fatale story.

This film serves as a lovely memory for myself and the cast - I hope the audience will enjoy it. My sincerest thanks to everyone who worked on Two Black Coffees, it came out far better than I ever imagined!

- Michael Daniele Driscoll.

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Michael Driscoll on set with Marta Gastini, King Charles Bridge, Prague.