Marta Gastini - Stanley Weber - Mark Ryder - Diarmuid Noyes - Art Malik & John Doman

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What could have been…

TWO BLACK COFFEES is a story about love, deceit, and power. A desperate woman has one moment of chance to escape from her domineering husband, and into the arms of her secret lover. But will her actions meet with disaster?


2018 Zero Film Festival, New York - AUDIENCE CHOICE AWARD WINNER
2018 Culver City Film Festival, California - BEST INTERNATIONAL SHORT AWARD WINNER
2018 Williamsburg Independent Film Festival, New York - BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY AWARD WINNER
2018 Twin Cities Film Festival, Minnesota - BEST SHORT FILM NOMINATION
2018 Kathmandu World Film Festival - SEMI FINALIST
2019 Jelly Film Festival - SEMI FINALIST


"Stylistic Perfection" - Jelly Film Festival